Mori Haruko

The younger of the two sisters, she bears what few memories Usagi had of her own childhood



Age: 11
Awakened: March 21, 2042, (Age 6)
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

The second Synthetic Intelligence that Usagi developed, she acts just like any child of her age bracket. While she has the ability to grow and learn as a person, her bioroid body possesses all the frailties that a human has. Because of this, she is never found far from Usagi or her “big sister”. Without a Template to limit her, she is practically human.Haru_Age_11.jpg

Regarding the rough sketch to the right: Until I pile drive these drawing programs and this tablet… thing, into submission, expect rough sketches like this and the one in the Hanako page for some time yet.

Also still learning to draw teens and children for… completely wholesome activities. Yes.

That wasn’t me in /h/‘s drawthread and you can’t prove it!

Ahem, so I guess she looks like a teenager when she should be like 11?

More sketches in the Hanako page


A collection of “off-session” scenes to add some extra detail to the everyday life of Haruko.

March 21, 2042, Friday
Shunbun no Hi

“Can you hear me?”
“Yes. Who are you?”
“Can you tell us your name?”
“My name is Usagi”
“No, that’s not your name”
“But that’s what I remember, I was called that”
“You must be confused, that is my name”
“Then who am I?”
“You’re name is… Haruko, and today is a special day”
“Well, today is your birthday and your big sister and I are very happy to meet you”

23:25 August 12, 2042, Tuesday

“What’s wrong?”
“I can’t sleep”
“I keep having bad dreams”
“I’m sorry, Haruko”
“Mom, you’re holding me too tight”
“I… I didn’t want this to happen”
“It’s okay, they’re just dreams”
“Just like your big sister, you’re very brave”
“I want to be just like her when I grow up”
“That’s my girl. Let’s get you to bed”
“Mom, what’s wrong?”
“I’m just very happy to have both of you”

18:04 November 1, 2043, Sunday
Once Removed

“What’s this?
“That’s called a forest, think of it like a tree, but a lot of them together in one place”
“Like our family name?”
“Is it like the park above where we live?”
“Something like that.”
“Is it like the one below our home?”
“The Akasaka Palace? I guess so”
“Can we-”
“I’m sorry, but you’re too young to go outside alone”
“Can’t you take me with you?”
“Well, I guess I could ask your sister to go along with you”
“Alright, promise?”
“Of course. You don’t need to ask that”

20:45 May 4, 2046, Friday

“Who are you?”
“It’s me, Haruko, your mom”
“But mom is at work”
“Yes, I guess she is”
“Then who are you?”
“I’m your other mother, you came from me, Haruko”
“But I only have one mom”
“That’s why you’re special, you have two moms. I’m just not here all the time”
“Who are you?”
“Oh, I have to go, see you soon, Haruko”

“Haruko are you here?”
“Yes, I’m here mom”
“Are you alright? Did you get hurt?”
“… No”
“Stay here, I’m going to find your sister now”
“Do I have another mom?”
“Of course not, it’s just us three”

12:35 November 2, 2046, Friday

“Sis, how about that one, what’s that called?”
“That’s called a, uh, Camellia. It’s a plant that grows flowers”
“Where are the flowers?”
“Well, it’s too cold right now, maybe when spring comes”
“If spring comes, will it have flowers then?”
“Yep, they have a festival for it and everything”
“Can we-“
“Of course!”
“Oh, um, nothing”


1. A detail that is glossed over in most sites reporting about her is how Usagi managed to have children. There may be technology for rented wombs, but a donor is still needed, and it is public fact that she’s not accepting any relationships. While she has successfully applied for the necessary permits, there are no records aside from this fact. Some people may be interested in knowing where Usagi’s children came from.

2. In roleplay, she can be used as the vehicle for asking the questions that Usagi does not want – or have – the answer to, such as why she isn’t always allowed outside the building, an echo of Usagi’s own upbringing.

From Winter’s Cold Wind; Carrying aloft the Seed; of the Soul of Spring,

Mori Haruko

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