Mori Hanako

The older of the two sisters, she is a young woman who has Usagi's memories up to her teenage years



Age: 20
Awakened: September 23, 2039, (Age 13)
Height: 5’7”
Gender: Female
Weight: 67.5 kg / 148.8 lbs.
Profession: Businesswoman
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


One of Mori Usagi’s first creations, she is a bioroid with a Synthetic Intelligence based off memories from her teenage years, she was designed with the necessary knowledge of managerial tasks as well as an outgoing personality. Much like her “little sister”, she has no Template to inhibit her growth.

Unlike Usagi, she wears her hair short and eschews formal attire whenever possible, wearing what is fashionable at the moment.

She has a habit of placing Usagi into situations where she has to personally interact with clients. She also stands in for her “mother”, which people mistake her to be sometimes. In these instances, she wears less modest clothing and enjoys the attention and the chance to get out of the office. Unfortunately, her actions in the limelight does leave the public with a skewed image of Usagi in how she acts and carries herself.

Through Eyes of Lead

A collection of “off-session” scenes to add some extra detail to the everyday life of Hanako.

02:23 April 7, 2040, Monday

I can’t sleep.

The dreams, they won’t stop.

I hear something downstairs. Who’s there?


What’s she doing up so late?

“…! Oh, Hanako, why are you awake, what’s wrong?”
“I can’t sleep, I keep having nightmares”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“It’s about something that happened long ago, I feel like…”

I don’t want her to see, I should rub my eyes.

“They’re just dreams, they can’t hurt you”
“I know. Did you ever have dreams like that?”
“Sometimes. I just stay up late so I don’t have them”
“How do you stay up late?”
“We all have our ways to cope”

You’re holding me too tight.

“Mom, is something wrong?”
“Nothing’s… nothing’s wrong. Let’s get you to bed”
“Can I stay here a while longer?”
“Of course. You don’t need to ask that”

I feel… tired.

I feel like it will be alright.

00:05 September 23, 2042, Monday
Shūbun no Hi

I need some open space.

At least up here, people are having a great time. Go down a couple, and you get front row seats to a prolonged suicide.

I need a drink.

“Give me a Sapphire Solstice, hold the cucumber”
“Sapphire Silk it is then”
“Whatever. Just put it on my tab”

God damn it, why does she keep doing this? If the blue doesn’t get her, her heart will.

“Here you are miss, courtesy of an admirer”
“Excuse me?”
“The ‘Pent doesn’t ask, just like for your age.”
“Oh, thanks”

A little on the sweet side. At least there’s a-

“Nice view huh?”
“I guess”
“You go here often?”
“Not anymore”

I’m not in the mood for this right now.

“I think you’re a little young to be drinking”
“We all have our ways to cope”
“How does it taste?”
“Never was into drinks”
“It’s a little sweet”

What the hell am I thinking? Giving her a drink

“You’re right”
“I told you it was sweet”
“No, about a while ago”
“About what?”
“Deadlines don’t always matter, maybe close enough will do”

It too cold up here at night. I should have brought my coat.

“What’s this?”
“It’s not much, but you always did want to be in the latest fashion”
“I thought you were working on-“
“I just finished it. Thought you might like it.”

So you remembered for once.

08:21 May 24, 2043, Sunday
Sinister \


“Sis, are you okay?”
“I’m OK, just having trouble opening this god-”

“Hanako. Language”

“… I got this Haruko, don’t worry”


“If you want, we can just get some soup”
“I’m fine, I just need to get this thing open”
“Relax, you’ll get used to it”
“Easy for you to say. What if it was Haruko?”
“Look, I’m sorry about what happened, but the replacement is almost ready”
“I know that. That’s not what’s bothering me. I remembered something”
“What do you mean?”

“Mom, can I get one of those too?”
“Sorry Haruko, but you only get those when bad things happen”
“So did sis do something bad?”
“I didn’t do anything bad, don’t worry”

She sure likes this thing. I guess it does look pretty.

“You were saying?”
“Oh right. Something that happened to me – you – before. It was dark. It was raining. You were running. You were hurt”
“… I think you’re just hallucinating things. Maybe the trauma affected your memory?”
“What trauma? I didn’t feel a thing before I passed out”
“That’s not what I meant”

“Sis, can you pass the juice?”
“No problem, here-“


“Sorry. Let me clean that right up”
“It’s OK, the cleaner will get it”
“Alright, sure”
“Your hand”
“Oh hey, it’s open. What was I talking about again?”
“You said you remembered something”
“Weird, I can’t recall the details. At least I can move this again”
“It was probably nothing.”

“Can we get ice cream later?”
“Your lessons first Haruko. Hanako, you OK for the morning?”
“I’ll be fine. The office pretty much runs itself anyway”

I guess I’ll just let it go.

08:21 April 9, 2044, Saturday

Looks like I’m just in time for the festival, not too many people just yet.

“I’ll take a bunch of the white and red ones”
“Of course, always a pleasure to have your business”

I should go here more often. Sure takes my mind off-

“Hey, didn’t expect to see you in Bunkyo”


“It’s been a while. You don’t look a day older”

Oh, no, no.

“Uh… yeah, it’s been a while. I try to keep up appearances”
“Sure looks like it. How much are you spending on cosmetics?”

No! Don’t sit down!

“You could’ve at least asked for permission”
“For what? I don’t need to ask for that”

That sounds familiar.

“Right, I’m just feeling tired today”
“Oh, so you’re off the blue huh?”

How does he know that?

“I’m still on it when its crunch time”
“Well take it easy. You know what happened the first time when… well, you know”

No way!

“Hey, you alright? Your face is turning red. Maybe the flowers are getting to you”


“Anyway, just take care of yourself. The first time you tried the stuff, you were really out of it”
“Really? I don’t remember a whole lot of it”
“Yeah no kidding. We found you in the old library of all places. I had to hide that injector or that was it for you”
“Oh… I guess I owe you that one”
“Don’t mention it, you had a lot going on, with the whole other you deal”

Who the hell are you?

“Whoa, don’t look at me like that. Didn’t mean to bring up a bad memory. Sorry”
“It’s ok, it was a rough time”
“I guess it was for everyone. Well, I gotta go. Not everyone’s a former genocrat”
“… Wait”

This is a stupid idea.

“You go here often?”
“Every year, actually”
“How about we meet up again here?”
“Sure, it’s a date”
“Just call me whenever you’re free”
“No problem. Until next time then, Usagi-chan”

Did he just…? Nah. Maybe this will get her outside for once.

Hold on, I feel dizzy…

19:30 February 11, 2045, Saturday

Deep breaths, this isn’t your first time. Just let it happen. Let the pod do the rest.
Okay, just like practice. Head up, eyes forward and smile.

“Thanks to everyone who made it! I hope you like what you see!”

Head side to side, lock eyes with people and smile.

“Mori Biomechanical has been developing the latest generation skinsuits for the last seven years, and tonight, we would like to present our newest offering to the market.”

“Would that be you, Usagi?”

Keep calm. Wink and smile.

“Sorry, but you can’t afford me. But you might afford this with a good payment plan.”

Alright, let’s see if I can’t have some fun with them. Engage.

“For our seventh anniversary, I would like to present the Fractal Suit!

Finally, a break. Conferences are not my thing.

20:18 May 4, 2046, Friday

A day off is a nice change of pace, especially since it is a holiday. But these headaches are killing me.

“Espresso, double, no, triple”

It’s no Blue Light, but I’d rather not take a needle for a pick me up. Now that I think about it, where does she get those anyway?

“Triple Espresso Ready”

Ugh, I might as well be drinking powdered coal. Should have set it to add some milk.

“I know a nice café downstairs, it’s not big, but it is private”
“I thought you were working?”
“Yeah, well, maybe I could use a day off too”

Now this is something. She’s taking breaks now.

“I’ll just take a shower, go on ahead”
“It’s a special café, you need someone to vouch for you”
“What kind of café is that?”
“The private kind”
“Why are you smiling?”

Wait. I feel strange…

“Hanako! Can you hear me?”
“You were locked in the bathroom, are you hurt?”

What the hell?

“Why am I in the bathtub? Wait, is this…?”
“Don’t worry, it’s not yours”
“Where’s Haruko?”
“She’s safe. She’s by the door”
“What about the police, did you call them?”
“They’re a little busy at the moment”

My head… this is worse than that time in…

“Come on, let’s get you up”
“What happened?”
“There was some electrical interference, you were out for almost an hour”
“I’m not following you”
“You have a positronic brain remember?”
“So what? Our heads are shielded, right?”

I’m tempted to make a joke about tin foil hats but… She looks really upset.

“Did you suffer any hallucinations or anything like that?”
“No, I don’t think so”
“I’m not sure if it was the blackout, but just to be safe, I’ll check up on you and Haruko”
“So, we still up for that café?”
“What are you talking about?”

Just wishful thinking.

12:41 October 29, 2046, Monday

Even in the middle of the week there are a lot of people here. I would have thought that we would set up shop here.

“Sorry miss”
“Don’t worry about it”

Then again, the crowds here are crazy, I doubt they would like it here. You bump into people just by standing around. Speak of the devil.

“Hanako, are you there?”
“Yes, I’m here”
“Why are you in Mizushobai? We don’t have any events there this week”

Of course you’re calling me.

“I’m just wandering around, I’m sure to get you two something when I get back”
“Alright, just be careful”

She always does that. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need to call to know where I am. She can track us anywhere in-

“Excuse me. Miss? Can I see your passport?”
“From which embassy do you work in?”

I guess we’re not as famous as I thought.

“Oh, sorry to bother you Miss Mori, I didn’t know you had… I, well, I’m very sorry”
“I’m her daughter, and yes, she’s a natural blonde”
“I see, do you need police escort or a tour of the Mizushobai Complex?”
“Thank you, but I’ll manage just fine”

I just can’t get a break.

10:35 November 2, 2046, Friday

The lift still has that god awful tune. I really should ask admin if they could at least just turn it off, it’s not like anyone’s listening with their pods on.

“So, um, where are we going?”

Oh right, I have her along for the ride.

“To the park of course. That’s where you wanted to go, right?”
“Can we go into the other buildings?”
“There’s nothing interesting inside them. Come on, we’ll take the train”

I always hated the Yamanote line. It feels like I’ll throw up whenever they stop. At least I have company.

“Haruko, are you okay?”
“Can we rest at the next stop?”

So she gets sick too. I’m sure mom could have fixed this.

“Are you ready to move on?”
“Can we use a slower one?”
“Sure, though it takes a lot longer”

At least rush hour’s over. There aren’t a lot of people lining up. Would the scanner even recognize her?

“Haruko-chan, don’t have a Bakemono yet? Ask your mom about Pocket Bakemono® today”

Yeah, I figured as much. The holo sure has her attention.

“What’s a Bakemono?”
“Um, ask mom when we get back”

“Hanako-chan, you’ve been making the rounds at Mizushobai for the past three days, but you’ve never had company. Don’t worry, at the Blue Velvet in Kabuki-Cho, we can have some quality time at affordable rates”

Chan? Who the hell scripted that? … a lot of people are staring. We’d better get moving.

“Do you know that pretty man?”
“No, he’s not real, let’s go”

I really should have thought this trip through.


1. Some people mistake her as Usagi, since she is the one who attends social functions in her “mother’s” stead. She may have inadvertently made commitments she – or rather, Usagi – cannot keep.

2. She is instilled with a bit of a rebellious streak, something Usagi wished she had earlier in her life.

3. In roleplay, she can be used as someone who forces Usagi to confront things she hides from, such as her habit of trying to please everyone, or her dependence on Blue Light so she can keep working, avoiding the other duties she has.

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Mori Hanako

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