Mori Biomechanical

Mori Biomechanical
148F, Jōtatsu IV Commercial Building,
Cor. Akasakamitsuke Station,
Akasaka, Tokyo

Class 6 Accredited
8:00am – 8:00pm, Mon-Sun
Tel: 65 6533 1182 Loc. 017
Fax: 65 6533 1182 Loc. 036


Founded by Mori Usagi on February 11, 2039, it is one of the many laboratory/ clinics found in the Akasaka quarter of the Minato special ward.

Located in one of the many supertall skyscrapers built by the zaibatsu years ago, it (unlike the genocratic establishments) occupies the highest floors along with Usagi’s living quarters. Unlike many traditional companies or the current business model of a small, specialized staff, the company is almost completely automated, run by dedicated AI programs and manned by labor androids. There are only two people who staff the entire firm, Usagi herself and her daughter.

The company is known to the general public for its affordable prosthetics and labor androids. To the private sector, such as security forces or some military outfits, it is a supplier of custom skinsuits, ranging from standard BDU’s to tailored suits for the executive class.

Among the more popular products of the company include:

Fractal Suits
P3 System

The company also offers “Class 6” services to the wealthy, such as bioroid development and brain digitization. Of course, the existence of such technologies are deliberately hidden from the public. There is no need for the people to know of such things under the circumstances of the Kuro Incident.

Due to the owner, many perceive the company’s products to have an edge over the competition, although when pressed, most people just say that there is a certain “something” with her creations. That something has been called into question with the recent incidents with her products, such as a prosthetic arm operating beyond its safe limits and androids of her making attacking and killing people.

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