Fractal Suits

An advanced skinsuit design by Mori Biomechanical, it allows the wearer (and all items underneath the suit) to become invisible through the use of negative index metamaterials produced and modified by the suit. When moving, it shows the wearer as a fluid, translucent silhouette, due to the difficulty in rapidly morphing metamaterials for movement and different angles.

To accommodate eyesight from within the suit, special cameras are set in the mask, which have has special layers that activate and deactivate the invisibility effect around the lenses for a few nanoseconds to allow the wearer to see his or her environment.

Much like other suits by the company, it has a practically unlimited power supply and lifespan thanks to the the P3 (Photo, Piezo, Pyro-Electrical) system and nanomachine suite included in the suit

Entry models sport the visible (and longer wavelength) light refraction technology, while more advanced models incorporate other metamaterial schematics and features that can mask against other forms of detection such as short wavelength (ultraviolet, X-ray) light, sound, nanotech sensors, P3 feedback, chemical traces and others as may be specified by the customer.

Being a patented design, some companies have licensed the technology for other applications such as window tints, vending machines and other, less modest, purposes.

Fractal Suits

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