P3 System


Standing for Photo-Piezo-Pyro Electrical, it is a patented integrated energy generation technology by Mori Biomechanical, it harnesses ambient light, kinetic effects and temperature difference to supply an electrical device with needed power. It is sensitive enough to convert changes in air pressure (such as sound) or even ambient body heat to electricity, making it a popular choice for small scale devices, such as Pods or Skinsuits.

It should be noted that the “Pyro” section is an incorrect term as the more accurate word is the Thermoelectric Effect, but the management thought that it would sound better to the market.


With proper calibration, it can be used for other purposes. Examples include:

  • The ability to “see” Li-Fi activity in the area.
  • Detect the presence of Fractal Suit wearers due to slight changes in air pressure.
  • “See” through walls. The effect is only noticeable in close distances.
  • Through increasing the Piezoelectrical generation, it can offer partial protection from firearms. Using the system in this manner voids the warranty.
  • Invisibility from thermal imaging though mimicking the ambient temperature. Unless licensed, such use, ownership and/or distribution carry criminal fines.
  • It is rumoured that using nanotech, a user can harness their own blood pressure and/or heartbeat to supply power to the system. This is incredibly dangerous and can kill a user either with an aneurysm, heart attack or blood loss from ruptured skin and blood vessels.

P3 System

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