Achika Matsuoka

Achika is senior at Meishu Academy who aids an underground network that harbors and protects men and women who have reproduced without authorization from the Ministry of Family. She herself is pregnant with her lover's child.


Name: Matsuoka Achika
Age: 18

A Simple Life

Born and raised within the quiet suburbs of Ueno, Achika’s life is the picture of the modern Japanese upper-middle class. Her parents, Seiji and Sena Matsuoka worked hard to improve their lot in life. They are the one few who were the granted the privilege by the Ministry of Family to marry and have a child of their own. Achika’s parents brought her up to be quite an exquisite young woman. She was instilled strong values of discipline, diligence, independence, responsibility and accountability; values that are seemingly lacking in many modern Japanese youths. She was given no short of love, attention and guidance as well, resulting in an upstanding and well-adjusted individual who receives the attention many of her peers and betters.

The Role Model

Achika studies at Meishu Gakuen and excels both academically and in athletics. Being a senior who ranks among the Top 5 students and a member of the swimming team has garnered her respect and admiration of the student body, which she takes in stride. Many students come to her for advice about various subjects such as school, life and love. She has quite a number of would be suitors which she has respectfully turned down. Many prestigious universities have given her many grants and invitations due to her track record. Society sees her as the ideal Japanese youth, a model of conformity to the system that makes the nation strong, and has a bright shining future ahead of her.

Subversive Aspirations

Despite the numerous accolades, and her picture perfect life, Achika has no intention in becoming what society wants her to be. Taking a simple walk in Shibuya, heart of where the Ministry of Family’s operations will only reaffirm her convictions. Here in Shibuya the Ministry’s Eugenics Programs are laid to bear but are only met with apathy. Numerous policies and programs are enacted to supposedly to protect society by limiting population despite the already declining birthrate. Unauthorized pregnancies are terminated regardless of whether mother wants to keep her child. The Ministry sets an example of these defiant women by openly displaying the aborted fetuses for all to see, a sight Achika finds most abhorrent.

She believes that the Ministry is destroying the Japanese family and the Eugenics programs are doing a great harm to society at large. Looking at her own loving family, she wishes more the Japanese people to live the kind of stable family life as she has, but the current government and especially the Ministry of Family is an obstacle to that dream. This situation has sparked Achika’s interest in the field of medicine especially in the dying fields of Obstetrics and Pediatrics. She concerned herself with issues regarding health of mothers and their children.

The Good Doctor

A news report of a doctor named Suoh Takeda, whose license was revoked for refusing to perform an abortion caught Achika’s attention. She sought him out because she wanted to know what motivated him to defy the Ministry at the cost of his practice. During their meeting, Suoh told her that he did not have it in him to perform the procedure on the girl, who was only fourteen and wanted to bring her child in the world. Suoh himself was never able to have a child with his late wife despite trying and he didn’t want anyone else to experience that. The good doctor decided he no longer wanted any part in the Ministry of Family.

No Turning Back

Achika shared her similar views to the former doctor and showed her conviction to help these mothers who are not authorized to reproduce. This is when Suoh introduced Achika to anti-government movement he was involved in. Whatever this group goals were, they were harboring and protecting men and women who have reproduced illegally. Suoh would help these people deliver their children in secret and help women hide their pregnancy from the multitudes of biometric scanners in Shin-Edo. Achika knew if she involved herself with these people she would working outside the law and if found out this would jeopardize everything she has accomplished. This would also put her at odds with her father, who is part of law enforcement, but she knew that she had to follow her convictions despite her love for her father.

First Love

During her time with the underground group, Achika helped Suoh deliver infants of unauthorized parents. She also tended to the injuries of various resistance members who saw combat with law enforcement. One such member, a young man named Shinji Kageyama caught Achika’s eye. Shinji was a former member of the anti-insurgency division of law enforcement who showed much promise. However, the young cop felt he was being used as a tool by the government to further its goals. He joined the force intending to help people but ended up hurting them instead. Shinji decided to go rogue, taking his knowledge and skills with him hoping to serve the people under his own terms. Achika and Shinji were able to sympathize with each other’s situation immensely. Shinji reminded the young woman not only of herself, but her father who was kind but stern man with a strong moral compass. The two bonded quickly and despite their difference in age, became intimate.

It didn’t take much time until Achika discovered that she herself was with child. Feelings of joy and fear overcame the young mother. She wanted this child but she knew the whole world would be against her. She has yet to graduate from High School and she is already going to be a mother. Her worst fear is what her parents who raised her lovingly would think of her. All she can do now is do her best to bring her and Shinji’s child to the world.

Achika Matsuoka

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